Silicone rubber coated glass fabric with wire insert

500F / 260C continuous rating with weld splatter / molten metal splash protection.

2200F / 1205C for periods up to 15 minutes and short excursions to 3000F / 1650C.

500F / 260C:  Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Fabric with wire insert 
Part number Base fabric thickness(mm) Base weight
Coating weight
Coating side Duty lever
WFF1062WR1 0.6 660 200/300 One side Medium duty

Other coating weights are available on above base fabrics.

Colors available in red, grey, silver grey, black, white, etc.

WFF1062WR1 is great flexibility and durability. Good weld splatter protection and used as the cold side covering on insulation blanket systems for engine and generator exhausts.

All of these fabrics provide excellent cold temperature performance with flexibility to -76C for refrigeration and cryogenic applications. Flame Resistance: All fabrics provide 1 second maximum Flame Out and Afterglow.