Glass roving for texturizing


Roving for texturizing is treated with silane sizing, it is mainly used in texturizing process.Finished products is widely used in filtration, automotive muffler, seal and heat protection, etc.


Even linear density
No fuzz
Even tension


Filament diameter: 9-24micron

Linear density: 400-4800tex


The spool shall be packed with heat shrinkage plastic film or PE stretched film, then put it into cardboard carton or on pallet, 48 or 64 spools on each pallet, spool weight is 15-18kgs, maximum 24kgs, or packed with cardboard carton, 1 spool per each carton.
Loading quantity of 1 x 20ft container: 10 big pallets and 10 small pallets, net weight is approx 20T.
Please indicate the following information when placing the order
Product code
Linear density(tex)
Order quantity
Packing requirement
For any special request, please mark it.
Unless otherwise specified, the product shall be stacked in dry and cool area, dont open the package when not used to avoid damp.