Dyed texturized glass yarn


  • Dyed texturized fiberglass yarn is made of fiberglass roving yarns which are bulged and blown through texturized machine with high pressure air.
  • It has high strength as continuous fiber and fluffiness as staple fiber.
  • low thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high air holding capacity, high filtration efficiency, high dust-accommodation and filterability
  • An alternative to asbestos based yarns
  • Mark out for the patent products


Common application of this dyed texturized fiberglass yarn is used to weave cloth, tape, braid rope, packing, sleeve, twist rope.


Temperature resistance: 1000F / 537C

Specification: E-glass in diameter 9micron/11micron, C-glass in diameter 11micron/13micron

Weight: 400tex, 600tex, 800tex, 1000tex, 1200tex, 1500tex, 2000tex, 2400tex, 4800tex, 5000tex

Appearance: Plain texturized, Sprial texturized

Packaging: 4kg/roll, 6rolls/ctn, 11tons/20FCL (no pallet)